Can anyone join Gwneud, Make, Do, or do you need experience in comedy?
No experience is required – the opposite of how we recruit our staff.
Our classes are small so we know we can deliver and develop the skills that everyone has, whatever their level of experience.

Do I have to perform?
Nobody has to do anything they don’t want to do; this is a comedy school, not a Beep Test. Obviously our dream is that you end up performing comedy, but only if it’s your dream too. You might find out you love writing comedy, but performing it isn’t your vibe, and that’s ok.

What do I need to bring to a lesson?
Yourself is the main one. A notepad and pen is useful, but we will have resources and if you’re more comfortable using a device to make notes, that’s fine too. We won’t be very physical but we recommend you bring some water in a flask or bottle just because hydration is important. We don’t want to be the cause of dull skin or a UTI.

Do I have to come to every lesson/attend the whole term?
Listen, we understand that life gets in the way and we’re not going to make you pick between your own wedding and a workshop on joke writing (we know you’d pick the workshop). But our term and curriculum has been designed to build on the skills you have gained each week and if you can’t attend you’re missing out on the experience. As we have a waiting list, we might recommend you take a pause and rejoin us at the start of another term.

Can you do the course online?
Not at present. Our mission statement is to grow and develop comedy in North Wales, so at the moment we think offering what we do online is only going to detract from that. Also, we’ve designed the lessons so we can get the most out of them by delivering them in person.

Do I need to pay for the term in advance?
All payments will need to be made by bank transfer or, we have a card reader at the venue.
There are two options for payments which hopefully allow flexibility:

  • The first option is to pay ahead for the term,
  • The second option is to pay on a month by month basis; payments will need to be received by the first of each month securing the following month’s sessions.

Unfortunately if classes are missed, the fees are non-refundable and non-transferable to other sessions. For detailed information on fees, please click here.

Do siblings get a discount?
Not at the moment. There are subsidies available in each class though, if you need to apply for one, please get in contact with us.

Do parents need to stay?
Absolutely not. There isn’t room at the centre either, so if you aren’t close enough to pop home then perhaps enjoy the delights of Llangefni for an hour? May we recommend the trifecta of Home Bargains, Lidl AND Aldi?

What is your safeguarding policy?
You can click here to have a read of it. A virtue of small classes is we have an excellent staff-to-member ratio and our staff all hold enhanced DBS certificates. We have also make sure that staff have undertaken additional safeguarding training. Ensuring we are a safe place is paramount to our ethos.

Is there parking at Canolfan Glanhwfa?
There is a small amount of parking at the venue and there is an enormous council car park just to the side of our venue.

Are the classes accessible?
The venue itself and the rooms we use are accessible to wheelchair users. If there are any additional needs you wish to discuss, just pop us an email.

Will I or my child be on social media?
Not without permission.

How can I get a free place?
Every class has a percentage of free places. If you wish to apply please get in touch with us on our contact form.